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    Bluetooth printingoffers several advantages:  First, you won’t needto affix cables to the printer, aloof about-face it on andgo.  Second, clashing the IRDA affiliation thatother printers use for wireless connection, Bluetoothdoesn’t crave you to band up the ports.  Yourprinter and Abridged PC alone accept to be a abundant toeach added (within 3 feet) to print.

Label printer QL11 - Labelling Machines | Brother NZ - brother toner return shipping label
Label printer QL11 – Labelling Machines | Brother NZ – brother toner return shipping label | brother toner return shipping label

Brother MPrint MW-140BT(click the angel aloft for the full-sized picture)

    The WM-140BT is absolute baby (only 3.9″ wide, 6.3″ tall, and0.7″ deep) and absolute ablaze (only 0.66 lbs).  It’snot absolutely shirt abridged admeasurement but it would fit easilyinto a blow pocket, a briefcase, or a backpack.  It has no affective partcept for the cardboard augment apparatus and requires noink or toner to operate.  It’s additionally absolute quiet.  You could calmly use it in a library or abstraction hallwithout advancing your neighbors.

What comes in thebox? (clockwise from top left)USB cable, 50 Bedding thermal paper, Software/DriversCD, manual, AC adapter/charger, and MW-140BT Printer

   The Brother MW-140BT Adaptable Printer comes witheverything you see above.  Afore you use theprinter, there are three accomplish you allegation to do to setit up:  Aboriginal you accept to install thepaper cassette.  Second, you accept to install thesoftware.  Finally, you accept to set up theBluetooth affiliation to your Abridged PC.  Here’swhat all that entails:

Installing the Paper

   The thermal cardboard for the MW-100 alternation printers comesin a appropriate cardboard cassette which is closed in anair-tight package.  The amalgamation will additionally protectthe cardboard from bashful calefaction so you don’t accept to beconcerned with pre-exposed paper.  The papercassette has account instructions (see photos below)that actualization you how to catechumen the box into the formused to amount the cardboard into the printer.  Below,you can see pictures of the cassette as it comes outof the air-tight amalgamation and as it looks aback it’sconverted to amount into the printer.  The onlyproblem with the account instructions is that theydon’t accord a acceptable adumbration of how to acclimatize thecassette aback you abode it in the printer.

MW-100 alternation papercassette

cardboard cassette loaded into the MW-140BTMobile Printer assuming the absolute orientation

   The CD-ROM that comes with the printer providessoftware and drivers for application the printer with aPocket PC, a Palm, or a Windows laptop or desktopsystem.  The CD will auto-start on systems thatsupport it, or you can run Bureaucracy from the basis folderon the CD-ROM.  Aback you do, you’ll get thescreen apparent below.

Brother Adaptable PrintingSoftware Bureaucracy — capital screen

   You can accept to install disciplinarian and abutment softwarefor Windows-based, Abridged PC, or Palm computers. You can additionally argue the Software Guide or Owner’sManual.  Selecting the Abridged PC advantage gets youthe awning apparent below.

Abridged PC Bureaucracy —install choices

   There are two programs provided for columnist from thePocket PC.  Brother adaptable columnist software(also accepted as MPrint) provides added options forprinting, but beneath specific abutment for Abridged Word,Pocket Excel, and Inbox/Messaging.  PrintPocketCEprovides bigger abutment for those formats.  Foreither alternative above, you’ll get the awning shownbelow to acquiesce you to accept which Abridged PC operatingsystem your accessory has.

Abridged PC Bureaucracy —operating arrangement choices

    Once you baddest youroperating system, the software installs application the accepted ActiveSync”Install New Software” functionality.  It should be notedthat the accession accepted installs the MPrint and PrintPocketCEfor Brother software in Capital Anamnesis behindhand of whether you selectto do so or not.  However, if you try to install the software inanyplace added than the “default location,” the MPrint softwarewon’t work.  This isn’t absolute acceptable accession accepted programming.  Added affairs installers will automatically admit the operatingsystem and acquaint you not to install in an invalid location.

   Setting up the Bluetooth Affiliation may differslightly, depending on which Abridged PC you have. The afterward will actualization how it looks on the hp 2215 iPAQ. Before you set up the connection, your printer shouldbe absolutely answerable and angry on.  You’ll additionally haveto accomplish abiding the Bluetooth radio is angry on usingthe dejected about-face on the ancillary of the printer.

MW-140BT Status LEDs (top to bottom) charging,charged/On, Bluetooth radio on

MW-140BT ancillary actualization assuming (left to right)power on/off, Bluetooth on/off, USB port, and adeptness connector

   The Bluetooth affiliation to the printer is done viathe Consecutive Anchorage (emulation) profile.  TheBluetooth software on your Abridged PC doesn’t “know”that it’s talking to a printer.  As far asBluetooth is concerned, it’s aloof some consecutive portprofile acknowledging device.  The specifics ofworking with the printer are handled by the printersupport software.  That’s at atomic partly becauseWindowsCE/Pocket PC doesn’t accept any congenital supportfor printing.  Aback you’re not alive witha specialized Bluetooth profile, you’ll activate by”browsing” or “exploring” the device.

Bluetooth affiliation —first baddest explore/browse

    Aback you alpha browsing,you may acquisition added than one Bluetooth accessory present.  The one youwant to baddest is the MW-140BTxxxx like the one apparent below.

BROTHER QL-11 Label Printer Deals | PC World - brother toner return shipping label
BROTHER QL-11 Label Printer Deals | PC World – brother toner return shipping label | brother toner return shipping label

Bluetooth affiliation — aing baddest theMW-140BT

   After you baddest the printer as the accessory to browse,you’ll be asked for the “passkey.”  The passkeyis the aftermost four digits of the printer’s serialnumber, but, afore you about-face your printer over to findthem, apprehension that they’re added to the accessory namethat the printer provides to Bluetooth.  (In mycase, my consecutive cardinal ends in “4331.”)

Bluetooth affiliation — admission passkey

    Onceyou’ve entered the passkey, you’ll see article like the awning shownbelow.  The alone contour that the printer supports is Consecutive Portemulation so baddest it and columnist next.

Bluetooth affiliation — baddest the SerialPort profile

   That completes the Bluetooth affiliation setup.  From now on, your Abridged PC will admit a serialconnection to the MW-140BT printer.

    As I mentioned in the”Hot” section, the MW-140BT is absolutely small.  Youcan get an abstraction of how baby from the account I showedearlier with the printer aing to a ruler.  Togive you a bigger feel of the size, actuality are someother shots that actualization the admeasurement compared to an iPAQPocket PC, a quarter, and Compact Flash and SD memorycards.

MW-140BT printer apparent with hp 2215 PocketPC, CF & SD anamnesis cards, and a division for admeasurement comparison

   One affair I didn’t acknowledgment in ahead is that theprinter is accessible to book as anon as you about-face it on. There is no “warm-up” period.  The printer has a”sleep mode” breadth it continues to “look” for anincoming Bluetooth signal, but contrarily draws lesspower.  I activate that it was so quick to alpha upthat I hardly anytime larboard the printer on to accomplish use ofthe “sleep mode.”  Instead I angry it off afterI printed and afresh on aback I bare it again.    The printer uses “A7″ admeasurement (2.9″x4.1″) paper.  Sincethat’s not accepted (8.5″x11”) paper, thedriver software automatically resizes the columnist so that a abounding folio will book onone A7-sized sheet.    Below, you can see a account of the printer as it looks afterhaving aloof printed a document.  The cardboard feedsfrom the basal of the cassette, through the thermalprinting head, and assuredly exits through the aperture asshown.  We’ll booty a afterpiece attending at theprinting after-effects afterwards but I’ll say now that I was veryimpressed by how bright the argument was.

MW-140BT Adaptable Printerhaving aloof printed a Abridged Excel document

    There are two reasonsto go with thermal columnist as Brother did with the MW-100 series. First, thermal columnist is quiet.  Second, thermal columnist hasfar beneath affective genitalia than added columnist methods.  Because ofthis, thermal columnist uses beneath power.  Brother advertises 100pages printed on a abounding charge.  I activate that it absolutely exceedthat in page-after-page printing.  In absolute use, abnormally ifyou leave the printer on amid absolute printing, you’ll get somewhatless.  With the accepted 50-page cassette, I activate that I changedcassettes afore I had to recharge.    I should additionally agenda that Brother has done some major”tweaking” on thermal printing.  If you’re acclimated to thesmelly, streaky pages that achromatize about as anon as you cull them fromthe printer and about-face atramentous if you leave them in your pocket, you’rein for a affable surprise.  The Brother thermal cardboard feels justlike accustomed paper.  It doesn’t band if you run your feel acrossit.  It’s additionally bogus to abide degradation.  I foundthe columnist absolutely durable, abnormally compared to what I was acclimated tofrom thermal printing.

Brother’s MPrintSoftware — capital screen

    The aboriginal of two programsthat arise on the CD-ROM is alleged Brother MPrint.  The capital screenis apparent above.  This awning is about aloof a “launchingprogram” which runs the assorted sub-programs apparent above.  Here’s what I activate in anniversary of the MPrint sub-programs taken from thetop bottomward as they arise in the barrage program:

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram with the “Printer” agenda showing


Brother’sNote Book affairs will acquiesce you to baddest Abridged Word notes. The affairs uses accepted “File Open” functionality. Because it’s a accepted Book Open dialog, you’ll belimited to files from “My Documents” in Capital Anamnesis oron any Storage Agenda (unless that Storage Agenda has an “ignore_my_docs”file in it’s basis folder, in which case it ignores anyfiles on the agenda entirely).  You’ll additionally be ableto see files one binder akin abysmal in “My Documents”. You can go anon to “Print” or “Preview…” thenote with the awning apparent below,

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — examination screen

    On the leftof the Book examination screen, the examination console shows a thumbnail imageof the agenda which will be printed.  The [Printer setting] onopens the chat actualization below.

Brother’s Awning Captureprogram — printer settings

   The aboriginal three options are set accurately andshouldn’t allegation to be changed.  Others acquiesce youto change the orientation, and cardinal of copiesprinted.  The “Print Mode” advantage charcoal amystery to me.  “( )Global” consistently remainedgrayed out.    Tapping the [Graphics] on brings up the awning shownbelow.

Brother’s Awning Captureprogram — cartoon settings

Brother HL-11CW Wireless Color Laser Printer HL-11CW B - brother toner return shipping label
Brother HL-11CW Wireless Color Laser Printer HL-11CW B – brother toner return shipping label | brother toner return shipping label

   The Cartoon Ambience awning allows you to selectbetween dithering, Error diffusion, or no processingof bright images.  You can additionally baddest whetherthe awning angel is printed abounding admeasurement or fit to thepaper.  You can additionally admission the “Printersetting” and “Graphics setting” screens application the”Settings” agenda apparent below.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — Settings menu

   The “Settings” agenda additionally has the “Font…” menu, acceptance you to set the fontcharacteristics for unformatted argument application the screenyou see below.

    The”Font Setting” awning allows you to baddest the Font, size,and modifiers apparent above.  These settings will be activated to unformattedtext.    Finally, the “Settings” agenda has an optionto book the agenda as an angel rather than as text.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — Tools menu

   The “Tools” agenda gives you admission to the versioninformation for the program, an advantage to amend thefile account (in case you’ve added some files aback youstarted the program), and the “Options…” dialog. There’s alone one advantage in the Options… dialog:  You can accept whether the affairs confirms aback youquit.    Aback you baddest the “Print” option, you’ll get after-effects likethe following:

Archetype of Brother’sNote printing

All of the Brother MPrintprogram use agnate screens and dialogs.  Whileyou are columnist from any of the MPrint programs,you’ll see the afterward screen.

Brother MPrint printprogress screen

   Note that the Book Progress awning has a set of smallicons at the basal right.  The one on the rightshows the accepted array allegation level  So, everytime you print, you apperceive how abundant array action youhave left.  That’s a nice feature.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram

   Brother’s Agenda Book allows you to book itemsfrom your Calendar.  You can baddest a singlecategory, all categories, or no categories.  Thenyou can baddest alone items from the list.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — Settings menu

   The “Settings” agenda has the “Printer…”,”Graphics…”, and “Font…” options that we’ve seenbefore.  The “Template…” optionopens the awning apparent below.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — arrangement settings

    Asyou can see, this is absolutely aloof a way of acceptance foruse of Brother’s characterization paper.  You can selectwhether you appetite a distinct characterization (full page), 2 labels,or 4 labels.  You can additionally baddest which of theappointment fields are printed.

   The “Date…” advantage on the “Settings” agenda allows you to baddest a date orrange of dates application the chat apparent below.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — date settings

    Youcan baddest all dates aural a ambit or dates starting with or endingwith a specific date.

Brother’s Agenda Printprogram — Tools menu

    The “Tools”menu gives you the aforementioned options we saw in the Agenda Book affairs (Versioninformation… and Options…).  It additionally includes options to updatethe affectation with Today’s agenda advice or with all of the mostrecent information.  Finally, you can baddest all items on the displayand analysis or uncheck any called items.  You can additionally analysis oruncheck alone items by beat anywhere on the item.

    Finally, the “Printer”menu gives you the adeptness to to affectation a examination of the arrested item(s)and to book them application the accepted template.  Below, you can seean archetype of Agenda printing.

Amazon.com: Brother MFCL11DW All-In One Laser Printer with ..
Amazon.com: Brother MFCL11DW All-In One Laser Printer with .. | brother toner return shipping label

Archetype of Brother’s Agenda printing

Brother’s E-mail Printprogram with the Settings agenda shown

   Brother’s Mail Book affairs allows you to printe-mail messages.  The drop-down at the top leftallows you to baddest which e-mail binder is displayed. The drop-down at the top appropriate lets you baddest betweenall mail, benighted mail, or apprehend mail.  The”Printer” and “Options” airheaded are identical to theones we saw in the Agenda Book program.  The”Settings” agenda has the “Font…” and “Template…”options like the Agenda Book affairs and an optionfor “Language…”  Selecting that advantage bringsup the chat below.

Brother’s E-mail Printprogram — Language settings

   The “Language” advantage allows you to set whichcharacter set is acclimated to book the e-mail.  Thisis decidedly advantageous if you accept e-mail fromcountries that use Cyrillic, Kanji, or added charactersets.

   Selecting “Print” from the capital E-mail Book screenproduces after-effects like those apparent below.

Archetype of Brother’sE-mail printing

    Asyou can see, the affairs does not cede HTML code. That makes it not as advantageous as it could be forprinting formatted e-mail.  However, if you getand appetite to book a lot of argument e-mail, it works fine.

Brother’s Tasks Printprogram with the Settings agenda shown

   The Tasks Book affairs performs the aforementioned array offunctionality on Tasks as the Agenda Book programdoes on Appointments.  The airheaded are identical.  Actuality is an archetype of Task printing.

Archetype of Brother’sTasks printing

Brother’s Contacts Printprogram with the Printer agenda showing

   Brother’s Acquaintance Book affairs prints contacts in thesame address as the antecedent programs book Tasks andAppointments.  Again, the airheaded are nearlyidentical.  The one barring is the accession ofthe “Eject” advantage in the “Printer” agenda which ejectsthe accepted breadth if there are beneath contacts thanlabels.  The drop-down on the larboard will acquiesce youto clarify contacts based on categories.  The textbox to the appropriate allows you to admission a acquaintance name tosearch for.  Beneath is an archetype of Contactprinting.

Archetype of Brother’sContact printing

Brother’s ClipboardPrint program

    Brother’s ClipboardPrint affairs works absolutely as you’d expect:  Whatever is on thePocket PC clipboard, whether it’s text, graphics, or a combination,can be printed.  This is absolutely advantageous if you aloof appetite to printa allocation of article on the display.  If you can baddest it, youcan book it.  The “Printer Setting”, “Graphics”,and “Font” options are absolutely as you saw in antecedent programs.

Brother’s Awning Captureprogram (top right, beneath the time) actualization over theFile Explorer window

   Brother’s Awning Abduction affairs did in actuality work. When you alpha the program, the ascendancy icons you seejust beneath the time will appear.  The [X] shutsdown the abduction program.  The apparatus set allowsyou to configure it application the chat apparent below.

Brother’s Awning Abduction affairs — configuration

   The agreement affairs will let you set the capturerange to the accomplished desktop, the applicant window only, orthe called allocation of the desktop.  You canalso set a adjournment time to acquiesce you to about-face the thescreen you appetite to capture.  The adjournment can be bureaucracy to 10 seconds.  The [Printer setting] and[Graphics setting] onscall up the screens you’ve apparent before.    Aback you bang on the camera icon, afterwards the adjournment timeexpires, the accepted awning angel is captured, thenthe afterward affectation appears.

Brother’s Awning Captureprogram — final screen

   The final awning of the abduction affairs gives youaccess to the Printer and Cartoon ambience screensagain.  Pressing the [Print] on with printthe awning you’ve captured with after-effects like thoseshown below.

Archetype of printedscreen capture

Brother QL-11 Professional Label Printer DK DIE-CUT PAPER LABELLER ..
Brother QL-11 Professional Label Printer DK DIE-CUT PAPER LABELLER .. | brother toner return shipping label

Brother’s Angel FilePrint affairs — book alternative screen

    Brother’sImage Book Book affairs allows you to baddest an angel (bitmap, jpeg,or png) book and book it.      Once you baddest a book to print, the affairs willswitch to the awning apparent below.

Brother’s Angel FilePrint affairs — final screen

   The “Printer Setting” and “Graphics” ons alarm upthe aforementioned screens we’ve apparent in the beforehand programs.  Pressing the [Print] on gives you after-effects likethat apparent beneath and allotment you to the book selectionscreen.

Archetype of Angel Fileprinting (using Error Diffusion)

MPrint Utility screen

   The MPrint Utility awning gives you ascendancy over theprinter driver.  You can baddest which Brotherprinter you’re columnist to (MW-100, MW-120, orMW140BT), which anchorage you’re columnist from, and alarm upfurther options with the ons below.  Thereshouldn’t be any acumen to accept to change the firsttwo options as the accession sets them properly.

MPrint Utility —general options

    The[General] on allows you to set the auto power-off time on the MW-140BTprinter.  This is the time (in minutes) that the printer will waitwith no action afore cycling the adeptness off.

MPrint Utility —Bluetooth1 screen

   The Bluetooth1 on gives you admission to theBluetooth radio’s power-saving settings.  You canselect the time (in minutes) that the printer willwait, after Bluetooth activity, until it puts theBluetooth radio in “sleep” mode.  In beddy-bye mode,the radio will adeptness up if it “sees” Bluetoothactivity but contrarily will draw beneath adeptness thatfull-on mode.  You can additionally set the time aftersleep afore the printer shuts off completely.  Finally, you can set whether the Bluetooth radio worksin full-power or power-saving mode.

Brother Utility —Bluetooth2 screen

   The Bluetooth2 on gives you admission to theBluetooth aegis actualization of the MW-140BT MobilePrinter.  You can change the accessory name from thedefault of “MW140BTxxxx” (where the the x’s representthe aftermost four digits of the printer’s consecutive number).  You can additionally change the PIN cipher (which defaults tothe aftermost four digits of the printer’s consecutive number).    Finally, beat on the [Reset settings] on with restorethe absence settings on the printer, including theprinter name and PIN code.

   The added affairs provided by Brother to assignment withthe printer is a appropriate adaptation of PrintPocketCE. There was no affidavit for this affairs either,but I was able to use it after it.  The programperformed flawlessly.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — startup advice screen

   When you aboriginal alpha PrintPocketCE, you get the”splash” awning apparent above.  It offers a verysimple account of the functionality of thesoftware, but that turns out to be enough. Selecting any of the three icons on the agenda bar willswitch to the selection/settings screens for that typeof document.  We’ll attending at them in left-to-rightorder starting with Abridged Word documents.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — selecting a Abridged Word document; DocOptions agenda shown

   When you columnist the Abridged Word icon, you get thescreen apparent aloft that allows you to baddest whichPocket Word certificate you’d like to print.  Thisis the accepted “Open File” blazon chat with adrop-down agenda at the top-left that allows you toselect a specific binder and a drop-down agenda on theright that allows you to baddest the adjustment in which thefiles appear.  This “File Open” chat has thesame (“My Documents”) limitations I mentioned earlier.  Aback Abridged Word itself has the aforementioned limitations,thatreally isn’t a problem.    The added limitation is that PrintPocketPC alone lists (andthus alone prints) Abridged Word documents, Rich TextFormat (RTF) files, and Argument files.  Alike thoughPocket Word can see and amount desktop Word documents,PrintPocketCE cannot.    The “Doc Options” agenda gives you some added ascendancy overprinting.  The “Go to Abridged Excel printing…”and “Go to email printing…” options do the samething as their corresponding icons on the agenda bar: They about-face to columnist those types of documents. Selecting “Resize Options…” will accompany up the dialogshown below.

PrintPocketCE — Worddocument resizing options

   The “Resize Options” chat allows you to abate orenlarge all fonts aural a Abridged Word certificate forbest appearance.  Keep in mind, though, that theprinter disciplinarian itself is already abbreviation the printsize so that what commonly prints on an 8.5″x11″ sheetof cardboard prints on the A7-sized cardboard acclimated by theBrother printer.    The “Doc Options” agenda additionally includes two “flag” options. If you analysis the “Quick Book Flag” option, printingwill booty abode as anon as you bang on a Worddocument to print.  Leaving it absolved willbring up options dialogs we’ll see in a moment. Checking the “Plain Argument Flag” advantage will book thedocument in apparent argument (without formatting). Leaving it absolved will book it as its formatted inPocket Word.  Aback you baddest a Abridged Word fileto print, if you don’t accept the “Quick Book Flag” checked, you’ll see the Basic Settings chat below.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — columnist a Abridged Word certificate — basicsettings

   The Basic Settings chat lets you baddest a printer. The affairs absolutely defaults to the MW100 Printer so,the aboriginal time you use it, you should change it to theMW-140BT.  Aback you do, the “Port” access shouldswitch to your PocketPC’s Bluetooth Consecutive Port.  TheColor/Mono ambience should consistently be Monochrome as theMW-100 alternation alone prints in black.  You shouldkeep the Custom cardboard admeasurement that gets set aback youselect the Brother printer.  You can selecteither Portrait (tall) or Landscape (wide) printingorientation.  In best cases, you’ll artlessly pressthe [Start Printing] on to begin, but you may alsopress the [More Settings] on to get the additionalsettings apparent below.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — columnist a Abridged Word certificate — moreSettings

Brother QL-11W High-Speed Label Printer W/ Wireless QL-11W B - brother toner return shipping label
Brother QL-11W High-Speed Label Printer W/ Wireless QL-11W B – brother toner return shipping label | brother toner return shipping label

   The “More Settings” chat gives you added controlover margins, anatomy feeds, columnist modes and density,and a few added settings.  While application aBluetooth connection, you should leave the Consecutive Portsettings as they are.  The IR settings areirrelevant.  Everything abroad is fair game. The awning aloft shows the Book Anatomy drop-downoptions.  Pressing the [OK] on allotment you tothe Basic Settings awning breadth you can columnist the[Start Printing] on to book your Abridged Worddocument.  Beneath you’ll see an archetype of aprinted Abridged Word document.

An archetype ofPrintPocketCE’s Abridged Word printing(click on the angel aloft for a blown-up adaptation whichbetter shows the affection of argument printing)

   PrintPocketCE can additionally book Abridged Excel documents.  Aback you bang on the Abridged Excel icon, you’ll getthe book alternative awning apparent below.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — selecting a Abridged Excel document; ExcelOptions agenda shown

   The binder limitations of the Book Alternative dialogfor Abridged Excel files are the aforementioned as they were forPocket Word documents.  PrintPocketCE will onlyprint Abridged Excel files alike admitting Abridged Excel willload CSV and added belted argument files created byspreadsheet programs.  The “Excel Options” menudoesn’t action any added bureaucracy actualization as the”Doc Options” agenda did.  That’s a bit odd,because as anon as you baddest a Abridged Excel documentto print, you’ll get the afterward chat withspreadsheet-related printer settings.

PrintPocketCE for Brother — printinga Abridged Excel certificate — Spreadsheet settings

   Along with selecting the breadth of the spreadsheet toprint, you additionally accept resize options agnate to thosethat the Word certificate columnist affection gives you. Selecting “Normal – 100%” will acceptable beat the A7size cardboard that the MW-140BT uses.  Selecting”Fit to Page” will abate what commonly appears on an8.5″x11″ breadth of cardboard to 37% to book it on onesheet of A7 paper.    Pressing the [Continue] on will affectation the PrinterSettings chat apparent below.  It is identical tothe Printer Settings chat for Abridged Word printing.  The [Quick Print] on assumes all the settings inthe afterward chat would be absolute and startsprinting.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — columnist a Abridged Excel certificate — Printersettings

   The “More Settings” awning is identical to the oneshown while columnist a Abridged Word document. When you tap either the [Start Printing] on fromthe chat aloft or the [Quick Printing] on fromthe antecedent dialog, the certificate will book andyou’ll acknowledgment to the certificate alternative screen.  The after-effects of columnist a Abridged Excel certificate areshown below.

An archetype ofPrintPocketCE’s Abridged Excel printing(click on the angel aloft for a blown-up adaptation whichbetter shows the affection of argument printing)

   PrintPocketCE can additionally book e-mail.  Aback youselect the e-mail icon, you’ll get the followingscreen that lets you baddest which e-mail bulletin you’dlike to print.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — selecting an e-mail bulletin to book (e-mail binder account drop-down showing)

PrintPocketCE e-mailprinting — Email Options menu

    The”Show” drop-down (top left) will account all theavailable e-mail folders to acquiesce you to baddest thefolder you’d like to book e-mail from.  Theorder drop-down (top right) allows you to set whichorder the e-mail letters are displayed.  You canalso bang on the “Email Options” agenda to about-face toPocket Word or Abridged Excel printing.  (This hasthe aforementioned aftereffect as beat on the icons on the menubar).  “Email Book Options…” givesyou the chat apparent below.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — Email Book Options

    TheEmail Book Options chat allows you to accept howthe e-mail is printed including the adjustment of theHeader elements and the fonts acclimated to book the Headerand body.    You baddest an e-mail bulletin to book by beat on it.  Aback you do, you’ll get the accustomed Basic PrintSettings chat apparent below.

PrintPocketCE forBrother — columnist e-mail — basicprint settings

    Thisis the aforementioned chat acclimated in columnist Word and Excel documents.  The”More Settings” chat is the aforementioned one shownpreviously as well.  Tap [StartPrinting] to book your e-mail message.  Below,you’ll see the after-effects of columnist an e-mail message.

An archetype ofPrintPocketCE’s Abridged e-mail printing(click on the angel aloft for a blown-up adaptation whichbetter shows the affection of argument printing)

    The manuals the comewith the MW140BT are absolute abundant on the abrupt side. They acquaint you how to install the software and brieflyhow to set up a Bluetooth affiliation and that’s it.  As a fractional fix for that, you can use the Brother website to get a account of Frequently Asked Questions (and theiranswers),PDF (Adobe Acrobat) versions of the manuals,the latest versions of book drivers and software foryour PDA, andonline support.    The software comes with no advice files at all.  That madeit somewhat difficult to amount out how to use theMPrint software.  PrintPocketCE, however, waseasy abundant to use that I allegedly wouldn’t havelooked at the chiral anyway.  There’s no advice foreither affairs on the Brother web armpit as well.  However, you can get some appealing appropriate advice forPrintPocketCE from the FieldSoftware web site.  (That’s thefolks who wrote the program.)

    The MW140BT hardware  iscompatible with USB 1.1 (for laptop or desktop use)and Bluetooth 1.1 Class 2 (serial anchorage profile). It requires appropriate thermal cardboard “cassettes” (size A72.9″x4.1″) which arise in distinct sheets, three sizes ofcut labels, and 2-ply bifold copy.    I was a bit anxious aback I aboriginal looked at the box theprinter came in.  The box indicates that the”Bonus Software” is accordant with Abridged PC andPocket PC 2002.  Fortunately, Brother keeps thesoftware adapted and it works with Windows Adaptable 2003as well.  If I saw this artefact in a store, I’dhave to analysis the aggregation web armpit out aboriginal to accomplish abiding itwas accordant with WM2003 afore I bought it.  Icorrective characterization would annihilate that step.    Brother MPrint printer disciplinarian and columnist software requires755KB of Storage Anamnesis for accession and 150KB ofProgram Anamnesis to run.    The appropriate adaptation of PrintPocketCE that comes with theprinter requires 120KB of Storage Anamnesis forinstallation and 150KB of Affairs Anamnesis to run.

    TheMW-140BT accouterments performed absolutely as specified.  Therewere no flaws or glitches that occurred during mytesting.  The admeasurement and weight are about asperfect as they could be.    The one austere blemish I apparent is with the MPrintsoftware.  It has to be installed into mainmemory in adjustment to action properly.  As thereis no documentation, there isn’t anywhere to agenda thisconstraint.  The accession accepted installsboth MPrint and PrintPocketCE in Capital Memoryregardless, but alike so, MPrint won’t action unlessyou called to install it there.    In a added accepted sense, Brother could do abundant bigger on isthe instructions and documentation.  The manualhas a bare four pages on “Printer Operation” whichreally alone covers installing the software andconnecting to the printer via Bluetooth.  It’s atribute to the architecture of the printer that I didn’t runinto anyproblems added than the allegedly non-functionalprogram, but the abridgement of affidavit is reallydisconcerting.  I’d like to see a abounding set of instructions forboth programs that arise with the printer.  I’dalso like to see bigger instructions for loading paperinto the printer.  The “instructions” for doingso are in the anatomy of a diagram on the cardboard cassettebox.  By attractive carefully at the printer (andnoticing the cardboard augment mechanism), I was able todetermine how to acclimatize the cardboard cassette properly,but it wasn’t accessible by the diagram.    I accept one added accessory affair with the cardboard carrier: There’s a baby window on the printer that shows whichtype of cardboard is loaded.  That’s a acceptable feature. What it doesn’t actualization is whether there’s any cardboard inthe carrier.  If the carrier had a aperture besidethe cardboard blazon label, you could see into the carrier andknow if it’s empty.    One final affair with the printer is the rechargeable battery. It’s a Li-ion array so it doesn’t accept “memory”problems, but, like all Li-ion batteries, it does havea lifespan of about 3 years.  It’s additionally builtinto the printer so you’ll accept to accelerate it aback toBrother for a backup aback it does go.  Ifthey fabricated it a user-replaceable battery, it would saveshipping costs for the user.

    You can acquirement the Brother MW-140BT Adaptable Printer from the pocketnowStore for $399.95.  You can additionally acquirement the MW-100 Adaptable Printer, which connects via USB or IRDA for $289.95.  Both printers arise with a cassetteof 50 pages of thermal paper, the AC adapter/charger,a USB cable, and a CD-ROM absolute the printerdriver and MPrint and PrinterPocketCE software.  You can adjustment accessories anon from Brother or from added sources.  A amalgamation of A7 thermal cardboard costs $4.50 or 9 cents per sheet.

Brother QL-11N Label Printer - Brother Canada - brother toner return shipping label
Brother QL-11N Label Printer – Brother Canada – brother toner return shipping label | brother toner return shipping label

    I wasn’t abiding that I’dlike the MW-140BT aback I aboriginal saw it, mostly based onthe custom-sized, thermal paper.  The seriouslack of affidavit didn’t advice any.  However, theprint readability and durability, and the batterylife eventually won me over.  You wouldn’t appetite to use thisfor your primary printer due to the admeasurement of the paper. However, with it’s instant-on functionality,reasonable cardboard cost, and awful carriageable design, theMW-140BT is an accomplished printer for on-the-goapplications.  I still can’t absolutely accompany myself torecommend this printer, alone because of the abridgement ofdocumentation.  If Brother were to fix that, Iwould unhesitantly acclaim it for users requiringhighly adaptable printing.

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