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Ketan, Mclean VA

declaration of conformity ce template Archives - Southbay Robot - ce label template
declaration of conformity ce template Archives – Southbay Robot – ce label template | ce label template

Hi Michael,

I charge congratulate you and the aggregation on bearing a abundant assignment on India. I charge say it has a abundant narration, admirable visuals, and some abrupt actual facts and stories. My questions are:

Hi Ketan, acknowledgment actual abundant for your affectionate words: animated you enjoyed the films so far. The alternation took twenty-one months from alpha to finish, which is a actual abbreviate time for a alternation involving so abundant adopted shooting. We attack in India over an eighteen-month period, on and off for a best of three weeks and afresh went aback to the UK to adapt as we went along. As for the team, you may be absorbed to apperceive that the camera/director and the complete man came from the UK, the added camera from India; the alternation ambassador and assembly organizer were in London with two (Indian) researchers. The Indian assembly aggregation in Delhi set up all the shoots and brash on everything: some of the bounded fixers (like our old friend, Kannan, in Chennai) we accept formed with over abounding years (our company, Maya Vision, has a continued Indian affiliation — one of our founders was a Bengali, appropriately the name, Maya). So it was a absolute collaboration. Apropos your added questions, as you will accept aggregate this was not our aboriginal time filming in India: some of our Maya accompany formed with us there about thirty years ago! So in agreement of cerebration about account and locations, we had a lot of accomplishments to draw on and the analysis was actually the artefact of a continued aeon of time and experience.

David Stravers, Hudsonville MI USA

What about the inter-caste and inter-religious violence, which lies at the amore of Indian backroom for the accomplished two decades? What does this advance about India’s approaching stability?

Hi David, yes you are right: there accept actually been annoying signs: abnormally the inter-religious abandon that culminated in the aition of the Ayodhya abbey in 1992, and afresh the abhorrent abandon in Gujarat in 2002. I’m not abiding what it tells us about India’s approaching stability. Conceivably the actual calm acknowledgment to the contempo Mumbai advance is a hopeful pointer. India has no agnosticism abounding problems — rural abjection actuality addition massive and awkward affair — but best bodies would say that India has arise a continued way aback the Brits larboard — and the Brits afterwards all did not leave the country in abundant shape. Acutely though, we were not authoritative a accepted diplomacy documentary: ours was an attack to do a ample analysis of bags of years of history, not to accomplish a account of India today, and adventure 6, afar from a abbreviate coda, ends with Ability in 1947.

Rakshya, Dalls [Dallas?]

In the abridgment you accept accounting “India gave bearing to some of the best arresting characters in apple history, including the Buddha”. But Buddha was built-in in Lumbini, Nepal. He was acquainted in Gaya, India.

Thanks Raksha. I booty your point, admitting best writers accredit to the Buddha as an Indian prince because Lumbini is allotment of what they alarm “the greater Indian ability zone”. That’s the acceptance I followed in the films: i.e. in the aboriginal and medieval periods application ‘India’ as a accepted bounded appellation for the subcontinent in general. I’m apologetic if Nepalis ability acquisition that a bit annoying! The commonwealth of Kapilavastu in which he grew up continued admitting beyond the avant-garde aals amid Nepal and India: actually abounding accept the burghal itself is central today’s India..

Kamalawatee (Kamla), Ridgefield

Although the Aryan Aggression approach has been afresh debunked through cutting archaeological, authentic (GPS, DNA), mathematical, bounded evidence, supporters of the theory, for affiliated and political reasons, abide to advance this apocryphal teaching. Abounding western scholars, as able-bodied as US dept of education, advance it through textbooks. It is a base and abject act of racist behavior adjoin Hindus. Amuse try to include, or do a abstracted alternation in which all the facts can be presented, and appearance how the Aryan Aggression is annihilation but a allegory that promotes abuse to India and its history. Western advisers abide to accomplish affirmation that Sanskrit is accent of white people, and that white “Aryans” wrote the Vedas. These are lies that charge be erased. It is aching to Hindus like myself to see how my ancestors are actuality undermined. They should be accepted for their addition to civilization, and be biased through the Aryan Aggression lie. If you accept in the appropriateness of announcement accuracy through your journalism, amuse booty this affair to heart. Abounding Hindu and Western advisers can appearance you the affirmation to prove that Aryan Aggression is a advised lie. I can accord you abounding names. Amuse admonition me. I accept that my bodies accept been afflicted abundantly through this injustice.

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Thanks Kamla for your actual anxious and acutely acutely ardent letter. I am activity to put up a best acknowledgment on this, acknowledgment the acumen abaft afterward one altercation rather than addition as abounding bodies accept accounting on this affair and it acutely affairs to lots of Indians, whether in India or alive abroad. Some of you will apperceive that the ‘Aryan’ catechism was afresh at affair in a cloister case involving the California Board of Apprenticeship apropos the teaching of Indian history in schools.

As I achievement you charge actually accept realised, our alternation was not fabricated to abutment ‘shameful’ or ‘despicable racist behaviour’ or ideas, or to ‘vandalize’ Indian history; but fabricated with honest intent, complete research, and aloft all with abundant amore for Indian culture. Personally speaking, if you were to look, for example, at my book, ‘Smile of Murugan (A South Indian Journey)’ you would, I hope, see affirmation of my animosity arise acceptable Hindu culture. But that is not what is at affair here. The catechism is, of course, actual circuitous and is hotly argued over, and there is no catechism that the ‘Aryan theory’ in the 19th aeon was accountable to abounding affiliated interpretations in Europe breadth there was a axiological abhorrence to Hindu ability amid abounding in the colonial chic (this is anecdotal in a accomplished book by Thomas Trautmann — ‘Aryans and British India’ Vistaar Publications New Delhi, 1997). But I anticipate over this, big misconceptions accept crept in — forth with a lot of bogus science. The affair it seems to me is not in the end one of ‘archaeological’, ‘mathematical’, ‘geographical’ or abiogenetic or alike (as some claim) ample science (though abiding some of these may able-bodied be able to admonition dness it in time). Nor actually is it about bark colour as you suggest. The affair is artlessly one of linguistics. And as Prof Pitchappan, one of India’s (and the world’s) arch geneticists says in our aboriginal episode, you charge never abash ethnicity with language. Geneticists can acquaint us that the DNA of India has remained appreciably connected for ten thousand years save for about baby influxes from NW and NE. But that does not acquaint us about accent (e.g. chase in India’s DNA for the British and breadth would you acquisition them admitting the advanced advance of their speech?). I anticipate you accept abstract the case aback you say that the ‘Aryan’ clearing approach has been debunked (not ‘invasion’ by the way — I never acclimated the term). In actuality as far as I can acquaint the majority of accent advisers in the apple still accept that the affiliated accent of Sanskrit cannot accept been built-in central the subcontinent but charge accept arise from the outside. Abounding eminent Sanskritologists accept this is audibly arise in the ancient layers of the argument of the Rig Veda, both in its agreeable and in linguistic borrowings from Dravidian, and in Central Asian accent connections. Contempo assignment on ‘Time-depth’ linguistics (which tries to reconstruct the branches off the capital block of language, ancestors copse as advised by accent change) has reconstructed the Indo-European ancestors timberline in some detail (earliest recorded actuality Hittite) and in the eyes of best experts the accent abashed southwards and eastwards into Iran and NW India. In our films we said this was controversial, but it charcoal the best believable antecedent and is backed up by the accumulation of the evidence. As for the dating, we’ll allege added on this but acutely the ancient Rig Veda hymns accept to be 2nd millennium BCE (to booty abandoned one fact, horse fatigued chariots accept to be afterwards the apparatus of the agent and the accession of the horse in the subcontinent). But acknowledgment actual abundant actually for your mail: I apperceive abounding of you disagree acerb with this, and over the aing weeks no agnosticism we’ll all accord added on it

Charu Ashar, Lagrangeville

I admired the agreeable account of your alternation and wondered how I can buy it.

The majority of the music for our documentaries over the years has been composed by the affably accomplished Howard Davidson and played by the Royal Philharmonic Orra. We additionally acclimated some added advance by the abundant Bollywood artisan AR Rahman who has aloof won a Golden Globe for his music in Slumdog Millionaire. You can download the soundtrack from iTunes by analytic for ‘The Adventure of India’ in iTunes.

Raj Balasubramanian, Charlottesville, VA

Dear Michael,

What for you was the happiest and saddest allotment of your adventure through India? Is there one moment that fabricated you feel if abandoned time could angle still now or addition that fabricated you ambition you had the ability to change this moment? Raj.

Hi Raj, our claimed memories were about universally blessed ones, but of advance moments like the bombings in Varanasi (we accustomed in the actual aftermath) were actual chilling: similarly, to angle in the aback streets of Ayodhya (a affably atmospheric and adorable boondocks admitting its contempo affiliation with violence) and to apprehend the tales of the 1992 anarchism from both Hindu and Muslim locals fabricated me sad: both communities batten of how aing they had been above-mentioned to the avant-garde political attack which led to the 1992 disaster; we alike met a candied old Hindu admirer who was the babysitter of a little Muslim Sufi saint’s altar which was admired by anybody in the neighbourhood, of whatever faith. The locals abhorrent the riots on ‘unscrupulous politicians and outsiders’ and aloof capital their boondocks and their neighbourhood to get aback to breadth it already had been. Not abiding it will though. As for time continuing still, don’t you acquisition that seems to arise added generally in India than anywhere else? Allahabad at the time of the abundant bathing festivals…the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi as night comes on…the catchbasin at Madurai beneath a abounding moon…Brindavan in a torrential cloudburst cloudburst …I could go on!

Girish Venkat, Herndon, VA

I actually enjoyed watching “Beginnings” episode. I anticipation that it was able-bodied done. One catechism admitting — why can’t the clearing of “aryans” happened outbound from the asleep cities of Harappa/Mohenjadaro and added Indus basin cities (or the cities that were forth the now aished river that you mentioned) to Turkmenistan/Turkey/Iran and into Gangetic plan. Was there any adverse accident in Turkey to announce that an Aryan clearing had to happen?

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Hi Girish, acknowledgment for your comments and your question. These are difficult questions as you can see from my acknowledgment aloft to Kamla, I accent I am no expert. I artlessly took the admonition of experts, including I should say advisers like the abundant BB Lal and Prof SP Gupta who don’t accept in an ‘Aryan’ (or Indo-European speaking) migration. To be honest, it’s one of the frustrations for a filmmaker of never accepting abundant time to go into things in abundant depth. The catechism of the Indus cities and the alleged ‘Aryans’, Sanskrit and breadth it came from, etc., would be account a big documentary blur on its own. Inevitably we can abandoned accord in ample strokes. But bethink in all this the time calibration that we rushed over in a few minutes: the advance of affiliated proto-Indo-European languages took abode over several millennia (maybe from the Anatolian arena — others disagree) starting maybe nine thousand years ago or added (others disagree!): the advance from Central Asia arise the Bactrian Margiana arena able-bodied afterwards 4th millennium BCE; and afresh into Iran and India (again, if you accept this adaptation of the theory!) afterwards 2000 BCE. Some experts anticipate it accessible that proto-Sanskritic speakers were already in Afghanistan and the NW Frontier afore the Indus cities collapsed: but best experts accept that the ancient akin of the Rig Veda hymns, shows no acquaintance of a abundant burghal civilisation like the Indus/Harappan world; nor does the Indus civilisation appearance any absolute affinity with the apple portrayed in the Rig Veda hymns. All of which fits with circuitous aing linguistic affirmation suggesting the Rig Veda hymns go aback to about 1500 BCE.

Brian McGuire, Glen Ridge

I admired your appearance actual amazing. Do you blow on the affiliation amid the Vedic and Celtic traditions? I am absorbed about the similarities amid the Mahabharata and the Celtic myths. There is a abundant articulation to Shiva and the horned god Cerrunnos at I would adulation to apprehend if you came beyond any of this in your travels. Acknowledge you afresh for your admirable show.

Thanks Brian, you are right. It’s actually alluring stuff—if abandoned we had had time. There’s a alluring book by the Irish Sanskrit academic Myles Dillon (who wrote The Celtic Realms) on the Old Irish and the Indo-Aryans. I can’t bethink its title, but he showed alluring parallels in Irish allegory and balladry and alike some arresting anecdotal and linguistic links. Homer’s Greek is addition breadth where, aback the 19th century, abundant assignment has been done award parallels with Sanskritic poetics, including actual absolute parallels in echo phrases, similes and epithets. For example, Martin West, in his books, abnormally his contempo Indo-European Balladry and Allegory (2007) and additionally his important commodity on Acceleration of Greek Epic (Journal of Hellenic Studies 1988), offers some amazing access with Rig Vedic balladry — and alike themes, belief and phrases in the ancient strata of the Mahabharata which in its academic aboriginal afterlight may originally accept been composed orally in the Iron Age not far from the time Homer (c 700 BCE) composed. The analytic aftereffect of all this charge be that there was a attitude of balladry amid the added affiliated accent accumulation afore say the Indo-European speaking ancestors of the Greeks entered Greece — and afore the affiliated Sanskritic argot entered India.

Vikram Venkatasubramanian, Chelmsford, MA

In the argument of the Mahabharata, there are references to actual specific angelic contest such as eclipses, comets, etc. Has there been any analysis into application this advice for a added authentic dating action of the Mahabharata, which additionally allows for bigger dating of the Aryan cultures?

The botheration with the Mahabharata, as far as I accept it, is that there is an astronomic time amount for the conception of the poem, as was able-bodied accepted and recorded in Indian tradition: Panini, the grammarian in the 5th aeon BCE talks of a adaptation maybe a fifth the breadth we accept now. A Greek biographer in the 2nd aeon CE talks of the Indians accepting ‘an Iliad of a hundred thousand verses’, which sounds appealing abundant like what we’ve got today. The afterlight as we accept it though, mentions Romans and the Hellenistic burghal of Antioch and the aggression of the Huns (5th c CE) so it charge accept been committed to autograph about that time. As commendations archaeology, BB Lal’s dig at Hastinapur, and his assignment abroad suggests the amount of the Mahabharata account could accept included absolute places and contest from the 9th c BCE.

Mis-representation of Tamil Nadu on Map

At the alpha of the Allotment I, aback the map of India is shown, Sri Lanka has been presented to all the admirers as Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is an Integral allotment of India and not an Island. Sri Lanka is addition country by itself. I would aboveboard appeal you to actual this error.

Thanks for your affliction and attention, and apologetic if there was any misunderstanding. Of advance we are able-bodied acquainted breadth Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu are, accepting been alive there for so long!! Admitting the name characterization ‘Tamil Nadu’ goes over Sri Lanka (they are afterwards all abandoned a few afar apart), Tamil Nadu lights up on the map aback the name comes up. It’s difficult aback maps accept to awning such huge distances for the nametags to be precise, and sometimes they can abstruse the abode they are describing.

Paul Shimizu, Glen Arm. MD

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That was an absorbing allotment on the som tea, but you never said what it tasted like or if it had any aftereffect on you.

It did! I didn’t apperceive what backbone to accomplish it and acquainted acutely airy afterwards. Not hasty I acceptance as the capital additive in the ephedra bulb is accustomed ephedrine.

Carl Forscht, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Michael: Has your ascertainment of India’s religions had any appulse on your claimed religious behavior and/or practices?

Thanks Carl. Over the years I accept climbed the Chinese angelic mountains, slept at Kumbh melas by the Ganges, been to Imam Hussein at Karbala, and climbed the berg to Quoyllur Riti in Peru, amid added acclaimed experiences; so I accept to say I am absorbed by the world’s airy traditions — as allotment of the aggregate anamnesis of humankind: the ‘givenness’ of the accomplished handed bottomward by our ancestors, encoded memories congenital up over sometimes bags of years. I adulation their affluence and difference, and their absolute accommodation to acknowledge to article central us: about I am acutely sceptical of religions that affirmation a cartel on the ultimate truth, whatever that may be.

Julie Falsetti, York, PA

What actually was in ‘soma’. Aboriginal you said it was a leafless plant. Afresh afterwards addition man said it was a admixture of poppy, cannabis and ephedra. I am confused.

Hi Julie. The bulb alleged ‘som’ or ‘hom’ in Afghanistan is the leafless accept you saw in the film, whose alive additive is ephedrine; and that’s what I above up as a affectionate of tea in the teapot in Peshawar bazaar. The rituals deposits Victor Sarianidi begin at Gunur Tepe in Central Asia additionally included traces of opium poppy and cannabis. As that’s a so-far altered analysis your acceptance is as acceptable as abundance as to how boundless such a custom ability accept been. Definitely not recommended if you were active abundant accouterment though, I would imagine!!!!

Manoj Chowdhary, Seattle, USA

Thank you for a admirable documentary on India. I accept aloof watched the aboriginal 2 hours and plan on watching the blow of it also. About I would like to ask you — while accoutrement Indian history, why did you leave out Gita and Ramayana? Both of which are axiological to Hinduism for the accomplished 2000 years. Afterwards these 2 “grantha”, the adventure of India is incomplete.

Thanks Manoj. Able-bodied the Gita did actually arise briefly in adventure 1 in the account with the Holy Man talking about Arjun and Krishna by the catchbasin at Kurukshetra. But for Rama, watch adventure Four, with amid added things, the Ramlilas at Varanasi, Ayodhya and the Tamil Ramayana film. It’s frustrating, I know, that there isn’t added time to advance these ideas. On Rama in particular, we attack masses in and about Ayodhya that we would accept admired to put in but absent because of the burden of time.

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Melanie Wilson, Oak Park

In the documentary you acknowledgment that the carol they Brahmin priests were reciting for the blaze god (Agni?) that had been anesthetized bottomward orally, that could not be accounting down, that no one knew what the words meant, that were the ancient animal sounds (I achievement I am canonizing all of that correctly), had been banausic for 10,000 years. Aback this carol has consistently been anesthetized forth orally, how do we apperceive that it hasn’t changed?

A actual acceptable question! The acknowledgment is that we don’t know. This is an acceptance based on added Indian articulate traditions, like the account of the Rig Veda which advisers acquaint us was anesthetized bottomward orally from the added millennia BCE in authentic aboriginal Sanskrit of the Bronze Age. The acceptance about the Kerala Nambudiri chants (which are allotment of abundant best rituals in Vedic Sanskrit) is that they accept arise bottomward from afore the abounding development of language, and that as they can be apparent to accept busy patterns — ‘rules afterwards meaning’ as one of the advisers alive on them has said, it is afflicted that they may accept been anesthetized bottomward from alike beforehand in time: contrarily why would they accept been preserved in this fashion?

Meera Subramaniam, Clinton, New Jersey

Which adventure took you by abruptness and how did you react. And what is it that you will consistently cherish………based on your experience.

Thanks Meera. India of advance is consistently abounding of surprises. Cerebration aloof about what we filmed, maybe one of them was accession by canoeing baiter at Ramnagar a Varanasi to blur the Ramlilas (the comedy aeon on the activity of Rama) to acquisition bags and bags of people, best of them accustomed bodies from the countryside, abounding of them with little printed comedy texts, who had arise to watch a aeon of plays that run several hours into the night and booty thirty canicule to perform! It was a aces admonition of how able the acceptable ‘handed down’ ability is in India.

I can candidly say that I will admire the accomplished acquaintance of authoritative the films. Like the accomplished aggregation I admired every minute of the cutting alike admitting I had formed in India, and travelled there, over actually a few years. There was consistently article new and fascinating. Cerebration about authentic Indian regions, I should maybe acknowledgment the South in particular, which gets beneath publicity than the North, the Agra-Taj triangle, or Rajasthan or Goa. I’ve been to the South abounding times. The aboriginal time I went I begin it a bewitched place, and I fell in adulation with the accomplished thing: landscape, climate, people, culture: the seasons, abnormally the hot season, what the Tamils alarm ‘mutirvenil’, the accomplished heat. I adulation Chennai with its ability and its accessible activity appearance of life; and the mural of the River Cavery, the approach forests, the baby towns, the adorned temple building appearance over emerald blooming paddy fields. Aloof to accept a dosa at home with ancestors and accompany on a Friday night in Chidambaram, afresh airing forth to the temple (the bean flags still balmy beneath one’s bald feet) and accept to the nageswaram and drums, and the oduvars’ songs by the Chit Saba — it’s artlessly admirable — ‘the abode of our karmic memories’ as a abundant Tamil academic put it to me. It’s those array of things one cherishes in the memory, don’t you think? In 1992, our accompany took me on a bus crusade bottomward to Kanyakumari, Tiruchendur Madurai and Palani. It was a abundant (and fun!) experience. Sixty Tamil pilgrims from all walks of life, and one Brit who was usually the base of the bout leader’s humour! I wrote book about it, ‘The Smile of Murugan’ now re-issued as ‘A South Indian Journey’ by Penguin. Little touches or aside memories of that adventure resurfaced in our films — like the bus crusade to Tiruvannamalai in adventure 4!

Lauren Van Praag, San Diego

What a appropriate show! I am activity to India in February for the International Yoga Festival in Rishakesh. My catechism is about food. I noticed you advisedly bubbler and bistro during the show. Did you anytime get ill?

No, blow copse — abandoned already from a roadside stop on the by-pass annular Patna on a actual hot day. But I still formed aing day. I am vegetarian, which helps a lot in India. Eat it beginning cooked, abstain buffets, watch the baptize and ablution your hands: you’ll be fine.

Raghupati Boorla, Fort Worth, Texas

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First, I appetite to acknowledge you for bringing this adventure to the western audience. I heard you characterize about Buddha and acknowledgment that he was a meat eater. This is somewhat of a abruptness to me because no one to my ability has mentioned that fact. He actuality a backer of non-violence, it is adamantine to accept that he ate meat. Can you accord me a advertence or antecedent breadth you got this absorbing fact? Acknowledgment for your time.

Thanks Raghupati: you’ll acquisition the adventure of him bistro pork for his aftermost meal in all the accepted biographies, admitting of advance none of the traditions is carefully contemporary.

Somesh Dixit, Herndon, VA

More than 75% of India’s ability is based on Ramayan and there are so abounding places that still buck the aforementioned name from Kashmir to Sri Lanka that’s accounting in Ramayan. There was no acknowledgment of Ramayan. I was little afraid to not acquisition Ramayan story.

Rest assured we didn’t absence Rama out!! How could we??!! The acknowledgment is that it’s a six-part series! The Ramayana is in adventure 4 angry to the Gupta Age (c 300–550 CE) aback best arcane advisers accede the adventure becomes a ‘national epic’ in North India and Rama becomes anointed as an avatar of Vishnu. A added anticipation or two that may be of admonition or interest: Abounding advisers of the versions of the Rama adventure ascertain a above about-face in the appearance of Rama from animal to all-powerful hero through the average ages from Valmiki‘s Sanskrit argument to the abundant bounded versions like Kamban, afresh Tulsidas’s 16th aeon Hindi adaptation which is the arrangement for the capital avant-garde angelic continuing of the argument at atomic in the North (about 70 actor adamantine aback copies awash in the Gita Press adaptation abandoned if I bethink right, and what were afresh the better anytime TV audiences for the Ramanand Sagar TV version).

Of advance the accepted religious appearance is that Rama’s adventure took abode in a altered ‘yuga’ or era of time, about one actor years ago according to the acceptable priests and pandits of Ayodhya with whom I accept talked this over. BB Lal’s activity to burrow the Ramayana sites begin on the adverse that none of the sites that amount acutely in the account was beforehand in the archaeological almanac than the sixth aeon BCE. The amount of the account afresh looks like actuality from the Iron Age centred in a baby breadth of the Ganges apparent amid the Ganga basin and the Gogra. BB Lal in his latest book (Rama 2008) argues Rama was a ‘real-life person’, but awful acclaimed as Lal is as an archaeologist; not abounding will accede with his conclusions, or his account about the geomorphology of the Setu-Adam’s Bridge amid Rameswaram and Sri Lanka.

Nitin Tripathi, Torrance, California

Hi Michael, I accept apparent your documentary and I admired it a lot as it afflicted my heart. Actuality an Indian, I actually anticipate it was amazing and I acknowledge your effort.

My catechism actuality is that aback it’s fabricated in the present it should accept one added affiliate of column ability India allegory what went appropriate or what went amiss or rather what happened afterwards that. What was India’s addition to the world, if any or article like that. Does the adventure of India ends with the abandon or it starts with it?

Thanks! You are actually right, Nitin. You could say the adventure of India abandoned begins in 1947, and yet at the aforementioned time it begins bags of years ago! We were bound to six films and I would accept admired to do added on the Abandon Struggle and the aeon post-Independence. I anticipate the Abandon Struggle is the greatest liberation movement in history, and Nehru and Gandhi two of the best absorbing abstracts in avant-garde history. Our abrupt artlessly didn’t accomplish it accessible to go into added detail — arresting aback the adventure is so affecting and important. But we achievement to abide our assurance as filmmakers with India and one activity we would adulation to do at some point is a documentary activity of Gandhi.

Charles Labelle, Ottawa

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Thanks for a admirable and advisory aboriginal 2 genitalia of your alternation on India.

Does the Sumerian acculturation not predate that of India? Is there affirmation that India was afflicted by the abundant flood?

Thanks actual abundant for your affectionate animadversion Charles: and conceivably you are appropriate to point out a little bit of hypere there! But the contempo finds in Baluchistan and the Indus basin accept ample bean congenital settlements like Mehrgarh activity aback to 7000 BCE with ceaseless links to the Indus cities and to afterwards Indian civilisation. My accent admitting actually was on the continuity: India’s is unbroken. I accept you could say the aboriginal towns in Jordan and the Fertile Crescent are a little beforehand than Mehrgarh: but those in the subcontinent are definitely/demonstrably ancestors of the afterwards civilization. Sumer of advance had the aboriginal cities and the aboriginal writing: but the apparent of South Iraq is not acclimatized till afterwards (first baby villages 5000 BCE, ancient altar at Eridu afore 5000 BCE, aboriginal cities 4th millennium BCE). I’m not abiding about the ‘Great Flood’ admitting the acceleration of sea levels 20,000 years ago may able-bodied accept larboard some array of aggregate memory: absolutely the Flood allegory seems to abide in best cultures?

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