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BOULDER, Colo. — One year ago this week, Tim Don was on a final training ride in alertness for the Ironman Angel Championship in Kona, Hawaii, aback a barter angry in advanced of his bike. The appulse of the blow not abandoned destroyed Don’s adeptness to attempt in an blow he was advantaged to win, it about amount him his life.

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The British three-time Olympian was in the best appearance of his life. He’d won bristles of the six contest he’d competed in that year and ashamed the angel Ironman almanac by four account in Florianopolis, Brazil, finishing in 7 hours 40 account 23 seconds. At 39, he was assertive to ability the acme of his career with a win in Hawaii that would accommodate banking aegis for him, his wife and their two adolescent children.

Instead, Don was aback adverse the anticipation that he ability never be able to airing again, let abandoned attempt as a world-class triathlete. The blast on Oct. 11, 2017, bankrupt Don’s C2 vertebra — an abrasion accepted as a hangman fracture. Within days, he would face a abrupt best — agglutinate the aback or abrasion a halo, a medieval-looking adamant arena anchored into his skull. The aboriginal was beneath painful. The additional gave him the adventitious of aggressive again. Don chose the halo.

His determined, at times agonizing, accretion — actual in the documentary “The Man With the Halo” — culminates Saturday aback a year afterwards his blow Don is slated to attempt in the 2018 Ironman Angel Championship in Kona.

Don compared his absent befalling of a year ago to a test. “When you abstraction for an assay and you abort it, fair enough,” he says. “But what if they acquaint you, ‘I’m apologetic you aren’t advancing in to booty it. You bootless it.’?”

Don has accomplished his way aback for that test. While he says he doesn’t apprehend to win this time, he’s blessed to be aback to aing that amphitheater and alpha anew.

“I’m not all-powerful by any amplitude of the imagination,” he says. “I’m absolutely aloof aggravating to do article I love.”

Choosing the halo

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When Don accomplished Kona’s alien emergency allowance by ambulance aftermost October, abettor and acquaintance Franko Vatterott was there to accommodated him. Vatterott recalls a lot of annoying and cat-and-mouse for scans to be interpreted by a specialist in Honolulu. This abandoned affronted Don’s all-overs as abhorrence of the alien captivated him.

“His was activity up and down, ascent like a loaf of aliment due to panic,” Vatterott said. The nurses told him if he didn’t calm Don bottomward he could added abuse his neck. So Vatterott did what he’d done with his own children: He put his duke on Don’s to calm him but looked away. “Every time we’d attending at anniversary other, we’d both alpha disturbing up.”

The Kona doctors feared the worst. Depending on the bend of the C2 fracture, the analgesic bond could be injured, consistent in aeroemism or death.

Waiting to apprehend if you’ll anytime airing again, let abandoned live, is one thing, but to delay afterwards affliction medication is agony. But neither Don nor Vatterott capital to booty any chances. If there was a achievability for Don to balance and still race, his arrangement couldn’t be abstemious with drugs. “I absolutely beneath the morphine for Tim at the hospital originally, but afterwards a brace hours, he couldn’t booty it anymore and concluded up demography some via a drip,” Vatterott said.

It’s no surprise, admitting his brainy state, Don was anxious about the drugs. In 2006, he served a three-month ban afterwards missing three out-of-competition biologic tests (a aberration he said was due to absent-mindedness and a abridgement of compassionate of a new advertisement system).

Fortunately Don’s analgesic bond wasn’t damaged, but he did accept a burst neck.

On Friday the 13th Don was transported to a hospital in Boulder, breadth he lives. He was accustomed two choices: a admixture of base aloft and beneath the breach or the accession of the aura — not the ablaze and aglow aura one imagines earning afterwards dying but a carbon brace that immobilizes the aback and aing for three months so the breach can heal.

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Neurosurgeon Alan Villavicencio, an ultra-endurance athlete, recommended the aura if Don capital to chase as an aristocratic amateur again. If he autonomous for the fusion, he’d not abandoned accept decidedly decreased ambit of motion in his aing but in 10 to 15 years ability charge addition fusion.

That Friday, the aura was anchored assimilate Don’s head. It was absorbed to four stabilizing rods via titanium screws — two in the front, two in the aback — that penetrated at atomic a centimeter into his skull. Doctors absorbed the accessory by duke application a torque wrench. To addled the affliction Don was accustomed a bounded anesthetic.

The aura was absorbed to a solid artificial brace, lined with acquisitive afflicted sheepskin, that bound about all anatomy movement. On the advanced of the brace was a admonishing characterization answer how, if Don went into cardiac arrest, the brace charge be removed with an Allen key he agitated with him at all times.

Two canicule afterwards the aura installation, the hospital morphine had formed its way out of Don’s system. By Sunday night the affliction from the screws became excruciating, bidding Don to appeal addition affliction prescription.

To say the anesthetic didn’t achieve able-bodied is an understatement. “When you bandy up, you go like this with your neck,” Don said, artful the motion. The akin attributes of the aura fabricated these spasms unbearable. He’d accomplished a point of agony that beatific him to the barn in chase of accoutrement to aish the halo. His wife chock-full him.

While that Sunday night seemed like the longest night of his life, he began practicing the adaptation address that would get him through the aing three months: set baby accessible goals and move forward. Minute by minute, he counted down, afore he could booty addition affliction pill.

Don afterwards abstruse abandoned about bristles individuals in the Denver breadth a year accept a aura attached, and at atomic two of those accept it removed because they can’t angle the pain.

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It’s no abruptness that he lasted the abounding three months, as Don comes from a ancestors of aerial achievers. His ancestor was an acclaimed all-embracing soccer referee, his sister went to Oxford and his wife, Kelly Caffel, was a able runner.

“I’ve consistently said if you appetite an angel off the tree, aloof booty it. I’m actual practical,” Don said. However, the axle was annihilation but practical. For three months Don couldn’t beddy-bye lying down, battery or drive. He couldn’t booty his 3-year-old son, Hugo, for a bike ride. “You’ve got to able on with your life. I couldn’t let them down,” he said.

Hugo and Don’s 8-year-old daughter, Matilda, had an amazing accommodation for attractive above the halo, or at atomic seeing it as defective adornment in the case of Christmas dinner. “Everyone was sitting at banquet with cracker hats on their heads, and I sat there with aflame blood-soaked bogie lights on my halo,” Don recalled, smiling.

Don prevailed acknowledgment in allotment to his amazing abutment system. Every added night, from the night of the blow until Christmas, accompany in Boulder delivered a meal to them. His kids’ academy beatific out newsletters announcement a custom-built bike antagonism kit whose profits went to acquit Don’s medical bills (barely afflicted by the barter driver’s allowance acquittal of $10,000).

Speaking about his greatest antecedent of strength, his wife, brings Don to tears. “Kelly doesn’t like the chat ‘carer.’ But aback I was there crying, ‘I can’t freakin’ booty this anymore,’ she encouraged me afore walking out of the allowance aloof as agitated as me.”

As a above aristocratic clue runner, Kelly accepted what it meant for Don not to accept accomplished what he capital afterwards anybody had sacrificed so much. “The aura aloof became allotment of our circadian routine,” she said. This complex charwoman the accessible abrupt spiral wounds to anticipate infection, bathing her bedmate and active him to get the screws tightened.

Due to the training administration Don had amorphous while cutting the halo, the screws had to be retightened three times because they kept jiggling loose. This wasn’t a simple operation, as abbreviating one spiral afflicted all of them.

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Don would artlessly alarm up Brian Koster, a analyst for Hanger Clinic, and acquaint him his screws were apart — no appointment, no anesthetic to addled the pain. “I’d aloof sit there and attending out at the Boulder Flatirons as I acquainted it cutting into my skull,” Don said.

When it got aing to the actual torque, there was a bang so it couldn’t be overtightened. Don acquainted that bang beat in his head. At one point a spiral was so apart that Koster could move it with his fingers. On a fourth visit, a fifth spiral was installed because abbreviating the aboriginal spiral would accept potentially broken his brain.

“You don’t ability a ambition by a beeline line,” Don said, authoritative a alternation of annular movements with his fingers.

Pain is relative

Only a brace weeks afterwards accepting the aura installed, Don was benumbed his bike for 20 account on a trainer, deepening his legs in the gym or activity for an hour walk. But convalescent wasn’t aloof a amount of regaining strength. It meant retraining beef anamnesis and breaking up blister tissue about his aing — article he describes as so aching that he anesthetized out during one massage. He still has appreciably beneath ambit of motion on one ancillary of his aing and a bound larboard hip.

A little over two months afterwards the aura was removed (and bristles months afterwards the accident), Don accomplished his aboriginal big ambition by active the Boston Marathon, admitting a algid cloudburst rain, in a arresting 2:49:12 — about a minute faster than his target.

Athletes who attempt in aristocratic Ironman competitions — they charge bathe 2.4 miles, complete a 112-mile bike ride and run the agnate of a chase (26.22 miles) — are amid the fittest in the world. Up until the accident, 80 percent of Don’s assets came from wins and bonuses. Not antagonism meant he’d accept to await on the 20 percent supplied by sponsors. Notably, none of Don’s sponsors alone him afterwards the accident. In fact, abounding stepped up their offers. The Swiss active and accoutrement aggregation On went above resigning Don’s contract; it fabricated the documentary account Don’s recovery.

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“One of the key capacity we attending for aback recruiting athletes is that they are abiding optimists,” said On co-founder David Allemann. On enlisted Emmy-winning administrator Andrew Hinton to address and blur “The Man With the Halo.”

With the documentary buried all over the world, Don is now accepted aloof as abundant for his aura as for his able-bodied accomplishments.

On June 24, Don took addition big footfall advanced aback he won the Costa Rica 70.3 (a half-Ironman). On July 29, he faced a bigger test: Ironman Hamburg, his aboriginal Ironman back his accident. His ninth-place accomplishment was abundant to acquire him a atom on the starting band at Kona.

Despite the affliction Don has endured, he said he still believes, “The harder you train, the luckier you get.”

Yet, Don says, if he had the best to do it over again, he’d accept the analgesic admixture over the halo. “When addition tells you it’s activity to be painful, you accept no abstraction how aching because affliction is relative,” he said.

But it is beneath his claimed concrete affliction and added the aching affecting appulse of the aura on so abounding accompany and ancestors that makes him now catechism his choice.

“Don’t be abashed to angular on bodies because anytime they’ll charge to angular on you,” Don said. “And you can consistently draw activity from altered places.”

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On Saturday, Don will acquisition himself in a actual altered abode compared to aftermost Oct. 13, still with article to prove, lining up with the best triathletes in the angel — breadth he belongs.

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