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Y Combinator got so big, it had to breach its Demo Day in two. During today’s additional beachcomber we saw a arrangement of able biotech, marketplace, enterprise, and cyberbanking tech startups. Yesterday we actual 50 consumer, B2B, developer, and accouterments companies. Zazzle Vintage Imported Beer Bottles, Alcohol, Beverages .. Zazzle Vintage Imported Beer Bottles, Alcohol, Beverages .. | zazzle wine bottle labels

With bigger and bigger batches, the on-stage pitches are accepting added aureate as YC’s startups attempt for attention. Yet this accumulation seemed like one of the arch in years. After some batches about 2013 that included startups that acquainted added like alcove features, YC is now abetment big dreams for the approaching of medicine, money, and alike marijuana.

Standard Cyborg’s co-founder demos his aggregation while acid one of its 3D-Printed prosthetic legs.

Here’s a quick attending at all 50 of the startups that presented on the record. Click through the affiliated descriptions to apprehend TechCrunch’s abounding writeups on the companies.

Campus Job – Helps academy acceptance acquisition part-time jobs and internships. Acceptance ample out a profile, see jobs they’re able for, and can bound apply. 1300 companies are already advantageous Campus Job to affix them to its 100,000 acceptance beyond 2200 colleges.

Seed – An online coffer for baby businesses. Seed uses your abstracts to pre-qualify you for loans rather than accomplish you coursing for them. It has a acquirement allotment in abode with a cyberbanking accomplice that handles the acceptable stuff. It afresh appear its cyberbanking API and will barrage its software applicant soon.

NextTravel – Zenefits for travel. 75% of accumulated biking is still inefficiently appointed by bodies because companies appetite ascendancy over spending and policies. NextTravel eliminates this with a self-serve front-end for advisers to book travel, and a backend accessible to managers who can clue spending and anticipate abuse.

Zazzle Wedding Invitations Fresh sold Business Card Floral Abstract ..
Zazzle Wedding Invitations Fresh sold Business Card Floral Abstract .. | zazzle wine bottle labels

TheMidGame – Helping brands acquaint through amusing media influencers. TheMidGame works with brands to acquisition them amusing media stars that are accordant to their customers. Influencers affix all their amusing accounts to a dashboard, accept antecedent abstracts from which to actualize content, column belief that artlessly pimp the brand, and are abstinent by the sales they generate. TheMidGame pays the influencers and keeps a cut.

eBrandValue – Real-Time Nielsen Ratings For Brands. eBrandValue measures success of cast business and can adumbrate sales by allegory amusing signals from barter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and added channels. For example, it was able to clue liquor cast Diageo’s sales with 70% accurateness a ages afore the aggregation got those sales abstracts by attractive at what bodies were adage about its beverages.

Standard Cyborg – 3D-Printed Prosthetics. Medical prosthetics like apocryphal legs are big-ticket aback they’re hand-made. Standard Cyborg’s architect paid $23,000 for his prosthetic leg and it can’t go in water. But Standard Cyborg can 3D book water-proof prosthetic legs that are awash for aloof $800. Next, it wants to body a abundant added ambit of prosethetics.

Standard Cyborg’s waterproof prosthetic leg

Rescue Forensics – Digitally Combatting The Adolescent Sex Trade. Law administration doesn’t accept the ability or technology to clue online listings of adolescent slaves. Rescue Forensics helps basis these bent listings to aid authorities with tracking victims so they can be rescued, and acquisition affirmation for presecuting crooks. Its barter already accommodate the FBI, Department Of Homeland Security, DOJ, and LAPD. Next, the startup wants to action biologic trafficking and agitation recruitment.

wine and beer – A Bard of Kek - zazzle wine bottle labels
wine and beer – A Bard of Kek – zazzle wine bottle labels | zazzle wine bottle labels

Lumi – Put Your Logo On Anything. Lumi’s website lets you drag-and-drop your logo assimilate any blazon of product, from t-shirts and customer products, to cartage and walls. With 70% margins, it’s already profitable, and the startup cites how predecessors in branded commodity like Zazzle and Teespring were underestimated at first. Anybody is starting their own business, and anybody needs advice accepting their cast out their.

Lumi helps you cast anything

Underground Cellar –  Buy On-Demand Wine And Get Chargeless Upgrades. Wine makers don’t appetite to action discounts because it teaches buyers they’re account less. Underground Cellar helps them addition sales by alms chargeless upgrades like bigger bottles, rarer vintages, or autographed packaging. This hooks conumers, arch Underground Cellar to accept already racked up $1.2 actor in revenue. Eventually, it wants to dig into added affluence verticals.

Four months ago it launched a chase to acquisition absolute medicines to action Ea. Two of the drugs predicted by Atomwise could potentially be acclimated to cure Ea. According to the startup they amount beneath than $1000 and 1 anniversary to find.

Spire – Wearable Breathing Tracker. Respiration fluctuations are a key arresting of bloom problems, but they’re boxy to monitor. Spire has developed a low-cost, authentic respiration sensor, and the basement to about-face abstracts into bloom recommendations. It wants to accord aboriginal warnings about big bloom problems and body its sensors into accustomed altar and clothing. For now, its wearable can let you apperceive if you’re fatigued or accept been sitting too long.

Buy Wine Bottle Labels (That Ships To Toronto) | TWELVESKIP - zazzle wine bottle labels
Buy Wine Bottle Labels (That Ships To Toronto) | TWELVESKIP – zazzle wine bottle labels | zazzle wine bottle labels

AnalyticsMD – Air Traffic Ascendancy For Healthcare. Inefficiencies in how hospitals administer assets advance to huge wastes of money.  An abandoned operating allowance costs $5000 per hour, admitting a long-waiting account of bodies defective surgery. AnalyticsMD uses apparatus acquirements to monitor, predict, and optimize how hospitals work.

Smarking – Action SaaS For Parking. Companies in the parking bazaar amount their casework and agents absolutely based on intuition, abrogation money on the market. Smarking’s arrangement lets them accurately clue accumulation and appeal so parking lots can optimize their businesses and addition revenue. While it ability assume boring, parking is a massive bazaar with no avant-garde analytics infrastructure.

20n – Bearing Admired Chemicals From Genetically Modified Organisms. Pharmaceutical companies absorb huge sums bearing specialty chemicals. 20^n uses software to adumbrate what genes can be acclimated to genetically adapt bacilli so they artlessly aftermath these admired chemicals. It’s already invented a way to aftermath acetaminophen, the alive additive in Tylenol. It’s additionally ample out a way to abatement one admired chemicals amount by 2 actor times. 20^n now has over $1.7 actor in affairs from DARPA and a massive cosmetics company, and is eyeing a advanced arrangement of chemicals for production.

GrubMarket – Online Farmer’s Market. GrubMarket provides on an online exchange area consumers can buy aliment beeline from farmers. GrubMarket again picks up the aliment and delivers it. By acid out the wholesalers, distributors, and grocers, GrubMarket can booty a big allowance while authoritative aliment cheaper and advantageous farmers more.

CribSpot – Academy Rental Marketplace. It’s boxy for acceptance to administer the academy apartment rental process, as listings are burst beyond sites, and rentals crave cardboard leases and handwritten checks. CribSpot aggregates the best academy rentals, and lets acceptance pay for them anon through the site. By charging a baby fee to advice acceptance acquisition and book rentals (something landlords sometimes do already), CribSpot affairs to grab a block of the $25 billion US apprentice apartment rental market.

Design Own Wine Label Custom Wine Bottle Labels Create Your Own Wine ..
Design Own Wine Label Custom Wine Bottle Labels Create Your Own Wine .. | zazzle wine bottle labels

KickPay – A Exchange For Affairs And Affairs Invoices. It takes the boilerplate balance 48 canicule to get paid, depriving businesses of the banknote they charge to operate. KickPay lets alone investors buy up these invoices at a slight discount, accepting businesses basic instantly. Investors see clamminess aural two months and can accomplish a double-digit allotment return. The bazaar for KickPay is already huge, with $300 billion in invoices bought anniversary year through a abhorrent interface abounding of affairs and paperwork.

Notable Labs – Personalized Cancer Treatment. Biologic combinations accept been actual acknowledged in angry disease, but there are too abounding accessible combinations to assay on any distinct patient. Notable Labs instead takes a sample of a patient’s bump to their lab, runs biologic aggregate abstracts to acquisition out what works, and gives a address aback to the patient’s doctor. This exposes it to no FDA risk, and cuts out big pharma companies that advertise patented drugs.

Pretty Instant – On-Demand Accident Photography. Pretty Instant can get you an accident columnist in beneath 24 hours. Its technology can analyze who is in a photo and accelerate it to them so they allotment it, accepting both the applicant and Pretty Instant added impressions that about-face into entering sales leads.

VetPronto – On-demand Veterinarian House Calls. Pets and their owners abhorrence activity to the vet’s office. But VetPronto can accomplish accepting healthcare for pets both easier and cheaper by bringing the veterinarian to the ailing pet’s home. This eliminates aerial and scheduling costs, while absolution your bristling best acquaintance break put.

Wine Bottles Glasses Image Wine Label | Wine / Champagne Bottle ..
Wine Bottles Glasses Image Wine Label | Wine / Champagne Bottle .. | zazzle wine bottle labels

Akido Labs – A Standard API For Healthcare. Akido Labs wants to alleviate bloom affliction abstracts the way Clever apart educational data. It sells to hospital vendors that commonly accept to actualize amaranthine custom integrations for anniversary hospital’s backwards system. Akido sits amid the two, standardizing the abstracts advancing out of the hospitals so its accessible to body on for the vendors. Akido’s technology could accomplish architecture medical software cheaper and easier, creating a belvedere that brings bigger bloom to everyone.

DroneBase – On-Demand Bombinate Services. Barter advance a on, and DroneBase dispatches a bounded bombinate pilot with their own bombinate to appear abduction imagery, video, maps, and assay for any project, like architecture or basement management. This lets big bartering audience abstain affairs drones, employing pilots, or advantageous suppliers. DroneBase’s account can decidedly attenuate satellites, planes, and helicopters, while accepting companies bigger abstracts faster.

MashGin – Self-Checkout Via Apparatus Vision. MashGin’s brick-and-mortar checkout kiosk uses cameras to apparatus eyes browse altar and instantly arena them up. You aloof put your items, like and angel or a can of soda, into the kiosk that looks like a MakerBot box with no maker inside. It recognizes what they attending like after user ascribe or bar codes, and you can bash your agenda to pay and leave. MashGin’s two-person aggregation from Facebook and Bell Labs could change any business that relies on animal vision. And it’s aloof accustomed a letter of absorbed for $50 actor a ages of casework from a above retailer.

Labdoor – Quality-Tested Online Exchange For Supplements. The FDA doesn’t assay supplements, and Labdoor says 79% of supplements abort affection control. Labdoor does its own testing so it can acquaint you what’s absolutely in Centrum or Muscle Milk alike if the labels are wrong. The startup believes that user reviews aren’t abundant to argue bodies what bloom articles to buy, so it wants to be the affection ascendancy for aggregate important.

Labdoor’s supplement marketplace

In Vino Veritas on Wine Day! - Zazzle Blog - zazzle wine bottle labels
In Vino Veritas on Wine Day! – Zazzle Blog – zazzle wine bottle labels | zazzle wine bottle labels

Bonfire – Full-Service Request For Proposal Administration – $3 abundance is spent anniversary year through  the Request For Proposal (RFP) system. When a business needs to buy article that costs over $50,000 they get RFP bids from abeyant supplies, and accept to adjudge which to go with. That clumsy allegory action can booty months. Bonfire manages all the RFPs for a business, free which action is best, and allegorical the buyer. Bonfire is currently affairs its account for $5,000 a year to ample companies and governments, but envisions an alike bigger business in intelligence about what buyers and suppliers should do based on the abstracts it gleams.

EquipmentShare – Airbnb for Architecture Equipment. Trillions of dollars of architecture accessories sits abandoned all the time. 75% at any accustomed time. EquipmentShare lets contractors hire out their abandoned equipment, and the startup keeps 20%. It can attenuate acceptable accessories renters by 30% area contractors absorb an boilerplate of $900,000 a year. EquipmentShare could accomplish it added affordable for abate absolute contractors to buy or hire the accessories they need, and advice them actualize acceptable ancillary businesses renting their cherry-pickers and cement-mixers.

What Will Zazzle Wine Bottle Labels Be Like In The Next 10 Years? | Zazzle Wine Bottle Labels – zazzle wine bottle labels
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